Keri Hilson throws challenge at men who want a submissive woman


RnB singer Keri Hilson is imparting some much needed advise to men who want their woman to be submissive,

The US singer says

“Men who provide emotional security & display wise leadership will get the softest, most feminine, relaxed, trusting, “guard down,” submissive, nurturing version of their woman,” she tweeted.

Adding that “Even successful, strong women want to feel safe enough to be soft. That is our true nature,” she wrote insisting that, “The man who makes me feel safe will have the world.”

Keri regularly writes her thoughts about relationships on social media, and is currently single but searching.


“I want who God wants for me, but am I wrong for hoping my soulmate is a black man? He don’t even have to be American, I’ve dated 3 non-American black men. But I want to love a black man. Or a man of color …” kerihilsonatkenyaconcert

She added, “And if he’s neither, he’d have to have a deep understanding & genuine support of my pro-blackness,” alongside a black heart emoji.


Dear fellas, will you be taking her advise?

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