Kenya’s Top Male Models

Modelling for men is hard but not as hard as it is for women, I feel like designers have to put in extra work on women because of the nature of the female body especially the  curves.

For men however to maintain a certain body type can be quite the journey, but lucky for them there is no pregnancy or periods that bring with them bloated stomach and “sickness”. Models in general have to keep their bodies in shape and basically look the part hoping they will be hired.

That being said, the modelling industry has grown in many ways and many models are able to live of their careers. Here is a list of men who have made it through modelling. You may have seen them gracing different catwalks or even on tv and print media. They also grace fashion /product launches and are common faces in corporate ads including FAFA (Festival or fashions and Arts)

Some of these men stand over 6 feet tall and have graced almost all of the biggest fashion shows within East Africa. Once they got into the lime light they never looked back since then.

Rugene Emo – 

Rugene Mike Emo -Image/Thomsonphotography

Jo Kisila 

Jo kisila – Image/Thomsonphotography

Patrick Kimathi Macbul


Lwanda Jawar


Brian Ahenda aka Dat Guy Brayo 






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