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Kenya’s richest female singer Akothee made jaws drop after spending Sh5Million when she left the hospital (Photos)

She is called Madam Boss for a reason. Akothee spent over 5 Million shillings for renting a private Jet and A-class cars last week.

She did all this for her latest song Oyoyo featuring MC Galaxy. And yes, it will be the talk of town.

Akothee and MC Galaxy
Akothee and MC Galaxy

This comes at a time when the singer had just came from being hospitalized for fatigue.That did not stop her from leaving the hospital and shooting her music video.

“I, madam boss the president of the single mothers is urging all the women to kick off sympathy and stand for their rights,” Akothee said,I shoot the video while I was meant to be in the hospital because of exhaustion. Never stop believing in yourself. My fans should expect in more hits and entertainment, after all, my life, your entertainment.”

Akothee and MC Galaxy
Akothee and MC Galaxy

Akothee did not spare any expenses in shooting the music video. She went all out to showcase her lifestyle as a boss. A showbiz boss.

In the music video there is a private jet, luxury car waiting pick her once she walks down the blue carpet and a presidential suit to chill in at a top hotel.

“I can tell you for sure the budget came up to Ksh 5m,” Nelly Oaks, the star’s manager revealed.”

Akothee and MC Galaxy
Akothee and MC Galaxy

The mother of five is not one to do anything in a subtle manner. During the shooting of the music video, Oyoyo featuring MC Galaxy, she brought Kisumu to a standstill. The set of the music video that was shot on the street was swamped with spectators.

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