Kenyans weigh in on LGBT case

Members of the LGBT community are disappointed after Judge Chacha Mwita adjourned the ruling on gay s3x marriages has been postponed to May 24 over challenges with the bench of judges.

Justice Chacha Mwita who addressed the court on Friday said the judges have had challenges in writing the ruling.

“You may not like the news I have today. We are still working. One of our colleagues is still on leave. We ask you to give us up to May,” he said.

The challenges involve the huge volumes of files since that were not sent on hard copies instead of soft copies by the parties.

The topic is trending on Twitter under the hashtag #repeal126. Here are comments

Same sex marriages should not be legalized in Kenya. Most of our primary/secondary schools are same sex schools and thats opening a pandora’s box
mwas j • ..
it will never be allowed in Kenya, we are a conservative nation held by strong values at the grassroots not what you see in Nairobi

Lot •
Case ya upuuzi,it shld not suppose to be entertain in our country..Hawa wajinga wote wafunge virago zao na waishie Europe or USA where such nonsense are entertain

Major Tialala (Retired) •
Hii ni takataka. Gay marriage is unconstitutional and would require a referendum. Good luck with that.

Matina Stevis-Gridneff..
Morning from Nairobi’s packed Milimani High Court, Room 1, 3rd floor, where history could be made today in the fight for #LGBTIQ rights in #Africa. #Kenya activists are waiting for a verdict in their challenge of laws criminalizing homosexuality. #repeal162

yprian Nyakundi Escobar..
High Court Judge Chacha Mwita when he is ready to make the ruling he should be bold enough to tell off the petitioners & donors that ‘Gay Rights in Kenya is a non-issue’ just like Uhuru told US President Barack Obama

They should first come up with a way to reproduce!


Magunga JaKaruoth..
Btw, that the law that limits the way people can have sex is called the Penal Code, is like the greatest pun hiding in plain sight.

Anyway. We await #Repeal162

Where is the ruling? Which court?

Reasons #Repeal162 ruling postponement:
Bench has not ‘finalised’ their decision.
“Administrative challenges and full dockets have made them unable to decide.”
“We are still planning when to regroup,” judge says. “The judges have asked me to ask you to give us up to May.”

“Aki imagine, we were busy.
It has only been three years.
Ah, si you just wait.
It’s only 3 more months before we tell you IF this one little bit of humanity may be afforded to you.
Be patient.”

Mwita apologised on behalf of the three-judge bench. He said most of the judges were in other benches so getting them together has been a hard task.

He noted that the only time they can meet is from April.



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