Kenyans weigh in on court declaration on men with children born out of wedlock


A court has declared unconstitutional sections of law that gave men the leeway to either accept or reject responsibility for children born out of wedlock, according to an article published in the Standard newspaper.

The ruling which was made by Justice Jesse Njagi makes it harder for absentee fathers to reject or fail to maintain children they sire.

The court decreed that parental responsibility is mandatory and cannot be left to the woman alone.

Justice Jesse Njagi also ruled that a man cannot escape parental responsibility by virtue of unemployment and that in case his partner dies, he must take full responsibility of the child he sired.

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Man holding another woman's hands behind his girlfriends back
Man holding another woman’s hands behind his girlfriends back

Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to contribute their thoughts on the judgement and here is what they had to say.

“Maina lemmie provide my kids out there silently, hata bibi yangu akiwajua atawalea ama.

I do not understand why she  would want to know if I have kids out of wedlock or not?”

Another callers adds

“I got a child with a man six years ago and he did not even pay for maternity fee.

He is a manager with a very big company and he is doing very well in life but he has never provided even a shilling.

I once asked for his number from his friend and after he realized it is me who was calling he blocked me. All efforts to contact him have been futile.

Every time I try to call he promises to call me back only to block all my calls.”

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