Itumbi, Jacque and Jowie

Kenyans roast Dennis Itumbi after rant over delays in releasing Jacque Maribe


According to a long twitter thread written by Dennis Itumbi, Jacque Maribe was not released on Tuesday after being granted bail.

Itumbi took to his Twitter account to detail what a rough time he is having in securing Jacque’s freedom.

He wrote:

Interesting events at the Deputy Registrar in the High Court. We completed the bond process for our friend Jacque Maribe at 12pm and till now no progress & she is looking at another night in prison despite being freed by The Court yesterday. Let me tell you of the games

If you thought Kenyans were sympathetic, think again. Some KOT roasted him heavily, suggesting that the urgency to have her released could be to do with bedminton.

He continued

Yesterday, the same games were employed. The Deputy Registrar declined to sign the letter commiting documents to land registry and registrar of persons yesterday. We decided to wait for today

This morning family and friends reported at the High Court at 7am and the Deputy Registrar signed a letter that was on her desk from last evening at 11am. No problem with that, we can live with that….

Problem is after that we were told there is an order that “UPON release the investigating officer and the advocate will take an inventory of house” we argued that is UPON release. So they dropped that line…

So after concluding his rant, Kenyans joined in with hilarious comments of how they interpret his need to have her out of remand.

La Revolt…And Kenyans were here hating on you thinking that you were playing VUVUZELA at night… pole bro leo pia ni siku

frank….poor dennis.some of us thought that you were giving dicklofenac.tusamehe.continue with the struggle.ataachiliwa tu.patience pays.

@Fred_daktari…Alafu kidogo kidogo date 30th August 2019, tuskie BREAKING NEWS… Jackie maribe gives birth to a bouncing baby boy . Kitu ya kwanza kuangalia itakua kichwa tu. You’re on spot .
Boy Next Door ⭐ ♠…Dry spell haikupeleki poa but I guess pia ni kama ananyesha so utakua mpole tu

SUE WA KURIA KOMÛ….😂😂😂 I thought last night you demolished riparian land….Anyway pole sana.

Osannox Sergio 🇿🇼 ™…So you never chewed her yestetnight and still there is another pool of dryspell ahead…

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