Kenyans Reveal How Abortion Has Become A Worrying Trend In The Society (Audio)

Today morning on the Classic 105 breakfast show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i, the topic was as controversial as controversy can get. Following a discussion about why many men are marrying women with children from other men, something else kept coming up.¬†Abortion!

Callers revealed that most of these women, especially those above 30 and are childless, have procured an abortion at some point in their lives and others even more than once, leading to bareness.

This revelation came from both men and women, something that prompted Maina Kageni to ask listeners to open up more on abortion and how prevalent it is in our society.

The discussion was heated up and reality on abortion cases amongst women hit hard. Listen to the audio below as Kenyans talk about this worrying trend.


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