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Kenyans Respond To Mike Sonko Claiming To Be Acting President

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko has been condemned for saying he is the “acting president” after disrupting a funeral in Machakos on October 14,2016.

Sonko said “Rais Uhuru is in Togo, DP William Ruto ako France I am number three in command politically and socially. I am now the acting president of the republic of Kenya.”

The senator was speaking at the funeral of Dolamu Oduwole, husband to Machakos governor hopeful Wavinya Ndeti.

But Kenyans on Twitter and leaders alike have accused the Senator of allegedly committing treason and want the government to take action.

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“When Sonko says he is acting president of the Republic of Kenya and that is legally false…he commits treason..,” lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi said.

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale also asked that the Nairobi governor aspirant is taken to the hospital for mental check ups.

“Sonko thinks he is the President of Kenya, a symptom of mental illness. Should he next add that he is God, he must be urgently hospitalized,” he said.

Through hashtag #GrowUpSonko, user Lilian Nyabuto echoed Khalwale sentiments and agreed that he should be admitted to hospital.

“So now if he becomes the Nairobi governor (God forbid) won’t he say he is above the president..he is a mental case,” she said.

Michael Kunani said “he’s suffering from a rare case of delusions of grandeur!.. When muscular hubris extends teenage mentality.”

“America has nurtured a scumbag out of Trump, Nairobi molding one in name of Sonko. Stop making stupid people famous,” Gibons Miller said.

Other Twitter users were disappointed with his actions and were not afraid to express their views.

Hon Lee Makwiny said “It is sad that some Nairobians still consider this man as a viable candidate for Nairobi gubernatorial seat. Jokes of our time”, while  blogger  Cyprian Is Nyakundi said “Nairobi Senator Must stop Chest thumping and engaging in petty things . What a shame”.

Let us not speculate on the repercussions of his words when he finally comes down off his high…horse.

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