Kenyans amazed at video of Raila cooking German breakfast

Raila Odinga is one of the most charismatic politicians in Kenya with the former prime minister having a knack for hilarious speeches. He might also be a great cook. Might being the operative word!


The video was shared by Mr. Odinga’s daughter Winnie who said that the video was taken when he decided to prepare a German breakfast for his family.

Kenyans were amazed by the skills showed by Raila and said as much. Some of their comments are below;

peter omondi Love it in German It’s called bauernfrühstück, or farmers breakfast.

Advocate Oduol Aluoch German breakfast in Kenya!!Kenyans are just taking Kenyan breakfast which in essence is fasting as leaders take German breakfast.Upto you 2022.

James Magayi Yayee advocate!! Ich lit jo Luo owe maki gi jakom. In be donj e jikon ited ne jogi.

shoraah Kimani Si afungue mdomo aki ongea aki.

AkelloOliech Always be kind with your words! Happy holidays!

Obi™ Merry christmas and Happy new year, enjoy breakfast made by Baba wa taifa. We celebrate you as a family
cliff mat riang’a

Taeediya Ismail Iyo si ni mashakura.

Sulley Muntari Winnie: So dad, what are you making for us today?

Baba: trfgdhhjssbcyyujjmmf.eeejj gdghjst🤣

WinnieOdinga 🤣🤣🤣 our souls understand each other

Roy Odhiambo Great man…..Family man

dalai_kip my president, as u humbly fix breakfast the Sugoi master is looting our nation dey🎂🎂

Living Life Real dads are made of this 👏👏👏

Isaac Okoni I am hungry because I can’t afford a Meal 😢

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