Kenyans React To The Shooting Of Sexy Female Kayole Gang Member Marsha Minaj

Gaza gang seems to be going down. This is after another female gangster known as Marsha Minaj (below) was shot down at her house in Migingo, Patanisho Area Nairobi. She was with a male gangster who also died during the shoot out.


This comes weeks after her fellow gangster and best friend Clea Addi Vybz was shot by the same policeman famously known as “Hessy Wa Kayole”.

Marsha Minaj and the late Clea Addi Vybz
Marsha Minaj and the late Clea Addi Vybz

Marsha was a member of  Gaza Group which worships Jamaican  singer Vybz Cartel who is currently in jail for murder. Police found her in her house after a tip off by her neighbours.

She had previously escaped arrest after a few of her friends were arrested during the burial of her Friend Clea Addy Bybz.

She had been warned severally to stop her gangster way by the mysterious cop”Hessy Wa Kayole” who is known for killing gang members and posting their gory images on his facebook account.

Kenyans reacted differently to the news of the shooting. Below are some of the responses:

Waruguru Teresa Nothing to do with kids here these are young people who have decided to live by sword no mercy finish them all.kwani iko nini
Allan KaLast’born Wacha wavune walicho kipanda!na asiyefunzwa na mamae hufunzwa na ulimwengu!u live by gun,u also die by gun..Anatha wasted sperm.,wat a pity!
Rachel Annie B Asalimu maulana na clea pia, aambie clea bei ya unga iliteremsha sai ni 90 si vile aliacha
Maish Munene long live hessy. blessed is the womb that brought hessy to this world.
Dabö T Irosh Let them die like cockroach, crush them all, let the dog feed on their blood n nay they rot in hell,,
Ñjèrî Wà Wámbûgú this hessy guy ni moto wa kuotea mbali.anyway she updated working for gaza on Facebook but our youths need good upbringing and mentorship not bullets




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