Ian-Harriel Kowiti

Kenyans react after former MCA aspirant puts up his testicle for sale

A former aspirant for Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat has put up one of his testicles for sale for Sh500,000, much to the dismay of Kenyans.

Ian-Harriel Kowiti, who hails from Uriri Constituency in Migori County, says he’s tired of living in squalor and poverty, and has opted to raise cash by selling one of his testicles.

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Harriel does not understand what is the need of having two testicles when he can still use one.

“What is the need of having two of them (testicles) dangling between my legs if I can still do the job perfectly with just one?.

Imagine that there is someone out there who can’t have a child for one reason or another, I just want to share what I have for a little profit of course.

I’m tired of being broke, yet I don’t need two testicles Kowiti posed in an interview with one of the local stations.”

Ian-Harriel Kowiti

He is also willing to part with one of his kidneys for Sh1.5 million for ‘a local client’ and three times that amount for ‘client’ based outside the country.

The move has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with a majority wondering when testicles became this expensive.

Check out their comments below.

Carolyn Ngowe: Now who wants 3… Am also selling my breasts they are nolonger pointed but dissapointed. 🤔🤔🤔

Sagwa Sagwa: So testicles are this expensive ??? Kumbe natembea na 1m dangling huku chini,😂😂😂😂,,biashara pap,,

Chaloh: mi naona ni ka watu washaenda heaven na wakenya hatukuskia parapanda, ile mambo wakenya wakonayo si ya kawaida

Etyang Otia Jaolet: Iam also selling mine,buy two testicles ,take p#nis for free,promotion ends tomorrow.

Edward Mwenda: Why buy humans which is so expensive when you can slaughter a goat and have not only, one but two big ones?

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Ven Mwasambo Mwakio : Does it come empty or together with the contents? Asking for my grandpa..

Nsangi Mara Malaika : Who buys testicles, I mean is there any man who needs a third one? Asking for my neighbour

Shafie A Bulle : Hey NEVER trust a politician. May be that testical is rotten. 🤔

Carolinna Phy : With all those organs in your body did you just see testicles? We want your heart.

Mwana Wa Mzee: Na ukipata customer umuulize ka anadai ingine 350k Bei ya kuongea,pia mi sioni haja ya mbili 

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