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Kenyans question police explanation behind Dandora activist Caroline Mwatha’s death

Mwatha’s body was found on Tuesday at the City Mortuary after missing since February 8, 2019.

The statement released and signed by the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Gorge Kinoti on Tuesday evening revealed that Mwatha died from botched abortion.

In the statement, investigation reveals that Caroline went to a community-based clinic (New Njiru Community Center) in Dandora area phase 1 on February 6.

It is believed that an abortion procedure was procured by Betty Akinyi, who is the owner of the clinic and one Dr Michael Onchiri.

Police investigations have led to the arrest of six individuals so far.

The statement from the DCI also revealed that Carol might have died in the clinic and the body transferred to City Mortuary on Monday 7 at 4:42 a.m according to the records in the City Mortuary.

Kenyans on Twitter are reacting saying many of them don’t believe that theory. Read comments below:

Victor Oduor..
The narrative about Caroline mwatha botched abortion is a lie. This is a kawa Kenyan style of covering assassination. Nobody is safe in this country. No more rule of law. #CarolineMwatha

#FindCarolineMwatha #CarolineMwatha I hope these are not fabrications,but anyway don’t release the suspected murders we are used to such criminals being released on simple bail terms aided by the @dkmaraga corrupt judicial system

Carolyne Mbithe..
Caroline Mwatha botched abortion it’s a cover up story why didn’t the clinic attendants inform relatives immediately she died? Where was her body all this long after days search at city mortuary?
#CarolineMwatha #RIPCarolineMwatha

Just Abraham 🇰🇪..
Can someone help me understand: how an abortion gone wrong would be performed naked and leave the patient with neck injuries ?

#CarolineMwatha was just murdered in cold blood.
wheldon olack..
Kenya police investigation on death of #CarolineMwatha is the fastest ever seen, they knew she died due to botched abortion even before they found her. Can someone teach these people cover up, that’s to shallow, weren’t foolsc

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