Lupita Ny'ong'o

‘Kenyans pretend to celebrate Lupita yet they ignored her before’ City man

The morning debate was based on why Kenyans are always hating on others even when there is no reason to.

Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to celebrate others.

Here’s what one caller had to say

Maina I want to celebrate a lady named Brenda.

She is a lady who in the midst of calls for feminism she takes time to mentor men in the office. People open up to her and people are going through tough times Maina.

She is not married, I look at her and go like da*n.

Men in an office
Men in an office

When Achieng Abura died no one celebrated her but when a politician dies people clash all over trying to publicize the event.

It took Lupita to go to the United States for people to notice her.

Its funny that when she comes to Kenya people people feel like she owes them a TV interview.

As a country we are not ok.

Another caller adds

A friend’s husband got into an accident. 

This lady has stood by him for three years.He was bedridden for 1 year he fed,bathed and clothed him till he went to be with the Lord.

He was laid to rest over the weekend.

The doctors had told her to let go and let him rest but she refused.Today I celebrate her.


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