Jairus Mulumia

Kenyans praise heroic police officer teaching class 5 students voluntarily

Kenyans reacted with glowing tributes after a photo of a police officer was seen teaching class 5 students near the Kenyan-Ethiopian border.

The story goes like this;

Jairus Mulumia, a Kenyan Police officer was deployed at the Kenyan-Ethiopian boarder. He realized pupils at a nearby primary school (Furole Primary) were just idling in class for several days with no one to teach them.

Police officer Joash Ombati recovers 400k stolen from a man in broad daylight in a daring attack in Westlands

This was after several teachers failed to report to schools in the region due to insecurity as a result of banditry attacks. Mulumia who is a trained teacher took it upon self to take up a class Five Mathematics class to fill in the gap during his time off.

Jairus Mulumia
Jairus Mulumia

Some of the comments are below;

Harrie Okema:  So where is that committee that award Kenyan heros. This is my Shujaa

Ben : He’s the real deal. MVP

Allan Bile Human being:, good hearted

Oleket7: My Hero be blessed abudantly

Gilbert Kiplangat: This is a true Kenya

shawn koonce: let’s get this man some chai and cookies ASAP. #simplydogood

Mwea Finest®: He needs state commendation tuwachane na kina githeri

Elston Asepsis: Kudos

Ndasim: Officer you got a special place in heven #MondayMotivation

kariuki: God bless him

Amoslucky: That’s really an amazing..

Lawrencesons: That’s the true officer

basma bridal: A hero

Auto: Hiyo class 5 Haina boys


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