man smuggles daughter out of KNH

 Kenyans plead for man accused of smuggling daughter out of KNH


The sad story of a 22-year-old manpleaded guilty of trying to smuggle his newborn daughter out of KNH using a carrier bag to avoid paying Sh56,000 hospital bill, has caught the attention of Kenyans.

The Milimani court is set to sentence him, and KOT are emotional about it.

Many are asking who wouldn’t do the same if they were in his position.

The man Boniface Murage Wangechi recounted why he his baby in a bag, while pleading for mercy.
Murage confessed he is jobless, and that the love for his daughter forced him to smuggle her.

Here are comments from Kenyans asking the court to spare this young man:
Eric Owino ..What do you expect of a government that taxes even the dead, and detains the dead for unsuccessful treatments and procedures in hospitals?

Gladyce Bosire.. Oooh no! Sasa hizi ndo zile zipendi kusoma


Celeah Tyra… So sad in deed😭😭😭😭a situation like this is just for forgiveness. Hangefikishwa hata kortini aqy mungu ingilia kati

Wangari Eunice …All I could see is fathery love

Kate Njeru.. How how I wish he was successful in his mission, God help him, health care in this country is expensive

Carolz Nganga ..I feel this man…. How i wish this world would be filled by such kind of men. …He’s one in a million and may our good Lord remember him.

Caroline Mburu …I respect him he did what a father can do for,the love of his daughter
Swahiba Mipasho …I respect him..May God see him through this

Nyakundi Ann… Mwingine angetoroka awache bibi huko ajisort na bill but for him ameonyesha fatherly love…he is a real man..may God be with him

Chinda Monalisa …He made me shed tears. He doesnt deserve any sentence

Peter Njoroge.. Now the country that has made him icur thus bills is gona make his daughter grow without a father or even add more bills on the existin ones….

Macie Gekz …Real father figure..woooie aachilie alee babby gal.

Wanjiru Maina …What any loving father would do to get his daughter back.

Lord remember him

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