Kenyans narrate how house helps character developed them

On Maina and King’ang’i in the morning, Kenyans shared their experiences with their house helps. This comes after Shelmith Kiprono a househelp accused of stealing Sh104 million from her employer’s house in Lang’ata, was on Monday arraigned in a Kibera Court.

According to police records, only Sh2.5 million was recovered out of the Sh104 million she allegedly stole.

Maina asked;

How much do you trust your house manager?”

Mwalimu King’ang’i added: “We leave these people to take care of our children, mama wakufua unamuachia funguo chini ya door mat. Have you ever been given character development by your house help?”

A listerner called and said “I don’t really blame that woman because we really treat our house help badly.”

Check out fans’ reaction;

Rose Wangui: Just treat your house manager well mpende like one of your families and I promise you mtakaa Kwa hio nyumba mpaka uboeke Thise is for wamama…..wacheni kutreat watoto wa wenyewe Kama hawafai

Nickson Sirma: Morning maina and king’angi nowadays we only pray God to quide us,househelp akiamua utashangaa, hio nyumba itaandikwa vacant huwezi pata kitu kwa nyumba

Nancy Lagat: Mimi wangu alipewa nickname ya konjestina.she used to beat people hadi mwalimu wa Sunday school .one day she lifted up an old lady just because she saw her daughter(of the old lady) being given a lift by my hubby akamwambia huyo mtoto wako anataka kuharibu ndoa za watu.wah when I fired her the whole mtaa was sherehe she had terrorised them without my knowledge.

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