Kenyans express outrage after video of man beating matatu tout goes viral

A video shared online showing a drunk matatu tout getting a beating for being drunk has gone viral.

In the video, the man beating the tout has been identified as the Kayole Forward Travelers Chairman and can be heard bitterly complaining about the drunk tout, before proceeding to discipline him.

Online users are debating if he did the right thing by beating him.

Ouch! Matatu Tout Gets a Thorough BEATING From His Supervisor For Showing Up To Work Super DRUNK (VIDEO)

A Facebook user by the name Collins Jokello shared the video asking: What if you found him doing this to your only blood brother? This is not fair aki

Here are responses to the viral video. Plus you can watch the post below, after the comments.

Chemosit Monsta what if the guy was the driver and found drunk? there are two sides to this.

Ngore Antony Disciplinary action yao kama ni kichapo wangenunua nyaunyo si mshipi, the guy hafeel Ata anaskia kama ni massage 💆

George Muigai Hii ni mungiki n belongs to jail if not hell na tumbo kubwa kubwa
Nar Ugenya Huyo mtu ni mjinga siafute Job kwani mtoto wa nani anachapa hivo.TUMBO KUMBWA
Bico Steve disturbing
Paul Sewe Philip you should do more get this guy pro bono legal assistance from our party we stand for justice.
Karim Naku Arreat this guy!
Biggy King Robert Murachi, hii works ni ngumu… Waaaaaaah!
Johnson Braun Discipline? This is wrong.
Tony Asingo Starehe ni ya mtu kwani weewe ni mungu na kazi yako bullll
Sirima Italanyi Ata jamaa inampiga iko na katumbo kiasi nkt
Festus Mulei He should have just handed him over to the police instead of flogging him like a thief.

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