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Kenyans hilariously describe the moment they realized they hated Kanairo

If you don’t follow Kenyans on Twitter you are missing out on hilarious moments.

A Twitter thread started by @fka_twinkss caused quite a buzz after Kenyans responded with their comments. The user asked when they realized they hated Nairobi, and we can all relate.

From a phone being stolen in a matatu to being spanked by a stranger, it makes for a funny Twitter thread. Thanks for the laughs, but also poleni, si ni life?



Siku nilishikiwa Pile of poo na chokoshPerson facepalming almost 10years ago but still haunts me to date

@Brasejr91..Bought some galaxy s9 plus only to get home and find I had a dummy with original earphones and charger

I was sold a dummy phone. A plastic Samsung,which I swear I had seen working. I was young and naive

When a strange man tried to rub my bald head at Kencom 3 weeks ago.

Heh, there was a day I was moving stock… Kanjo wakanikula of eyes, then morio wakaniotoka a few boxes during offloading, halafu the client I was selling to akaniseti a cheque which bounced…. It’s a miracle sijaanza kuvuta bangi

When my smartphones got stolen in matatus when I was in my earlier twenties mostly ,the overcrowding at the CBD,the dating scene here,grown ups barely knowing what they want,the taking of javs,I dislike them…all this are my realizations that I hated and still do hate this city.

Someone unknown to me come n held my hand tightly,I refused n become furious but he dragged me into the near by corridor n took away my phone n clothes when I thiNk abt it I know I hate Nairobi

Met a guy at KNH when i went there to assist a friend who had been referred there. He proved quite helpful to us in queuing & admission. In the morning i suggested we have breakfast on a joint nearby. The guy disappeared with my laptop, 2 phones & carkeys while at the washroom.

I was wiped out of 58k by pick pockets in a mathree which I had just withdrawn. Was left with the Coop withdrawal slip but no money..

Was walking hapo Karibu na garlitos near the statue, mtoi akanishika mkono, ananiita daddy!! Nilifinya hio mkono hadi akawachilia. Same spot, matha mwingine chokoch ananiblock, nimpee pesa kupiga side step, alinitusi mbaya. Same spot, jamaa flani alitry kuniibia usiku around 11pm

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