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Kenyans debate Elsa Majimbo’s ‘dark skin bias’ comments


Elsa Majimbo’s declaration to Naomi Campbell that she feels discriminated in her home country owing to her dark skin color has reignited debate, days after the interview.

Months ago Yvonne Okwara also spoke of the same igniting a frequently overlooked discussion about prejudice.

In the Interview held on December 23, Elsa brought prominence to the issues, and Kenyans not known for shying away from such heavy topics dag in with different reactions.

From beauty standards to professional opportunities, Elsa Majimbo touched raw nerve that sparked an even more intense conversation.

“I always thought I was funny but to myself, and when I was told I was funny I thought It’s something I can go into. I remember the fist person who told me I would go far was Chrissy Tiegen, and for me that was like OK now I know for sure. Some people didn’t support me, some put me down, lighter skin people are given more opportunity and I was made to feel like just because I was darker and I was less pretty”


Her comments elicited criticism and encouragement from KOT

KOT has never supported Elsa, mnakumbuka mkisema amevaa night dress? She is leaving to LA where she will be best friends with Rihanna, so ata mkijam your opinion doesn’t matter… Hiyo ni kelele ya chura

It will never stop paka watoi watu wakiona ka pointy wanasema vile nikasupuu akiwa mdark aty uliona vile so n so alizaa mtoi mweusi waah mtoi wake ni mweusi haonekani but so n so wake ni keupe kama malaika it’s fvckd up

This is like seeing short people are overlooked or fat people or skinny peoples or people with a kitambi,Ass, Boob etc. This is bullshit. No one has it all we all struggle.

Colourism has ALWAYS EXISTED in Kenya. Light-skinned women are given more opportunities than their dark-skinned counterparts. Elsa Majimbo is saying the truth. Even Yvonne Okwara talked about media industry being like that. it needs to STOP!

Elsa Majimbo really thinks he is the only dark skinned person in our country? Mnisaidie number ya Naomi Campbell.

the ironic thing about this comment is that calling dark skin women ‘men’ and ‘masculine’ is actually manifestation of discrimination against dark skinned women. you’re perpetuating what you’re denying and don’t even realise

Colourism in Kenya is real and we all know it……acheni ujinga3

Elsa said …” I’m unbothered. The positions I’m after do not require KOT validation” …then went and achieved things that twitter’s 280 characters won’t allow me to list cus that list is mf LONG.

That’s how you remove background noise.

Colorism definition, differential treatment based on skin color, especially favoritism toward those with a lighter skin tone and mistreatment or exclusion. Beyonces dad Mathew Knowles once spoke about it when managing his famous daughters music group Destinys Child.

Mr Knowles said it’s no accident that most of the recent top-selling black artists are lighter-skinned like Mariah Carey and Rihanna, adding that Beyoncé often got opportunities that darker-skinned artists probably wouldn’t.

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