woman makes man crawl

Kenyans bemused by photo of woman controlling mzungu sponsor with dog leash 


Kenyans have been left puzzled after a photo of a woman holding her mzungu bae on a leash went viral.

The woman is seen being questioned by police officers why the sponsor is kneeling, and a leash on his neck.

The old man is also seen holding her handbag, and many Kenyans who stumbled upon the photo are bewildered what her story is.

Read the hilarious comments about the awkward situation the ancestor has found himself in.

Magambo Connie ..Hahahahahahhaha whether Kenyan or warever I think we have made it… Ukoloni mamboleo

Wanjiku Wahu ..Tumepeleka bangi hadi uk

Mamake Praxwin ..Siikue huku Kenya watu wa crawl wote hivi

Collins Omondi ..Pet atakupandaje?

Steve Wachichi ..Kitaeleweka

Karyma Jean ..He agreed to it.

Mangesh Winnie …Hahahaha mungu wangu

Mercy Muthoni …That pet needs to go to mathare

Joy Madeda …Hii si role-playing,cz some men get turned on by being put on leashes

Christine Ndambuki ..Maybe aliona ndo the only way she can make him visit her country

Suzie Ryan’s …Khaii hawa ubeba juju hadi majuu…woi

Rhoda Lusalah ..Kwani pia hii crawling pet ni mjinga,he should be arrested too for accepting to crawl

Magambo Connie.. Hahahahahahhaha whether Kenyan or warever I think we have made it… Ukoloni mamboleo

Lucy Gichana ..It only looks “bad” because the roles have been reversed 1. Because it’s a woman doing it to the man, 2. Because it’s a black woman doing it to a white man and 3. Because it’s a younger woman doing to an older man.

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