Kenyans Are The 13th Happiest People In Africa

With all the scandals going on, I’m surprised Kenyans can still afford to smile. In the latest UN World Happiness Report released Monday, we have been ranked as the 13th happiest people in Africa.

Surprisingly Somalia is the fifth happiest African Country, despite the  Alshabaab threat among other concerns, followed by our oga brothers the Nigerians and South Africa.

Globally, Norway moved into the top spot as the happiest country in the world, followed by Denmark and Iceland.

We were ranked position 122 globally in the 2016 report but now we have now moved 10 places up and are currently position 112 below Namibia.

According to the report the things making Africans unhappy include lack of jobs, minimal access to health care, high levels of corruption among other things.

“The most important problem facing Africans are unemployment, inadequate access to health facilities, poverty levels, food shortage/famine, crime and corruption”, the report highlights.

Another surprising fact is that our Tanzanian brothers and sisters known for their politeness and chill attitude are among the most unhappy Africans in the bottom ten.  Burundi, also feature down there and the worst of them all is the Central African Republic.

The report however also shows Africa’s Youth are very optimistic of a bright future. The continent’s rich mineral wealth which has not been exhausted and vast agricultural land to be exploited also provide unlimited opportunities.

The report uses data from the Gallup World Poll.

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