‘Kenyans Are Lazy And Derailers Unlike Nigerians’ Huddah Blasts Kenyans

Huddah the Boss Lady has come out criticizing Kenyans calling them lazy especially when it comes to business.

This is not the first time such allegations have been made against Kenyans, just recently Ugandan musician Bebe Cool called our artistes lazy, and soon after a little known Tanzanian musician attacked Avril calling her lazy and fake.

Huddah is among the veteran socialites in Kenya together with her competitor Vera Sidika and has been spotted on several instances with Nigerian men. Huddah’s rant comes not long  after she said that Nigerian men are only good for enjoyment and not for marriage.


This is what she had to say on her social media pages on Kenyans being lazy

“Us Africans were enslaved for so long that being pushed sop that we can do things is in our bloodstream. Someone has to guard us like a sheep for things to be done. NEVER pay a Kenyan before they finish their work, Uselessness.

I need to start hiring Nigerians for my company thats the only way I’ll go to the next level!! Kenyans are derailers. I just love the way Nigerians work ethics as long as  they are getting paid Kenyans can be soooooo lazy and have to be pushed to do things. Urggghhhh

You might be paying a Kenyan but he/she feels like they are doing you a favour. And ad long as they have a salary at the end of the month, they relax, pay them on commission only.”

Huddah recently launched her own lipstick line and being a murky business world, she might be having a hard time being the ‘boss lady’ she is supposed to be.

Although some may view her rant as a publicity stunt, many will agree with her that most Kenyans love being babied around even when there is no need to. Love her or hate her the Boss Lady is living life on the first lane.


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