Beryl Ouma

Kenyans angered by Beryl Ouma’s neighbours for ignoring her screams

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura has joined millions of Kenyans in mourning Beryl Ouma who was killed at her home in Kahwa Sukari days ago.

According to Yvette ,Beryl was her friend and a classmate at some point,taking to Instagram Yvette wrote

“Losing someone you know to domestic violence is more than sad. R.I.P Beryl.”

Yvette Obura and the late Beryl Ouma

Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa

Kenyans from all walks of life have come out to mourn Beryl with many advising fellow women to walk away from abusive relationships when things don’t work out.

Many also bashed Bery’s neighbours for not helping her despite her cries for help,One neighbour even stated that despite the screams they thought it was just a lovers spat.

“She was screaming so loudly and painfully asking her husband to stop beating her, it was late at night.

“We banged the door in an attempt to open it but it was locked from inside. When one of us asked what was happening, the lady who was screaming responded saying they’ll talk.”

The neighbour said the screaming continued for a short time before it suddenly stopped.

“We assumed that they had stopped fighting and so we went on with our business,” the neighbour said.

The late Beryl Ouma in a past photo
The late Beryl Ouma in a past photo

Below are comments from Kenyans angered by Beryl Ouma’s neighbours for ignoring her screams:

Janice Kola : Theddy Paul :haki niliona jana but sijujua unamjua wah!!!!women need to be told they don’t have to stay in case of any violence.women are really dying at an alarming rate! I hate this!!!
James Wakaro:It’s become our culture of late. You can get robbed in broad daylight in the CBD and no one will even help. People have become so cold these days. Don’t know what changed because that was never the case a few years ago
Philomena Carole: I’ve read the story so sad ; no one had the humanity to help her but there are the first story tellers as if it’s awarding!
Dalue Nadala Pasha – Leshan:Its sad that domestic violence is considered normal….we hear the screams at night and when you interfere you are the problem.
Theresa Mukoya :they never help l was once bitten niliscream no one came for my rescue walichungulia wakaenda



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