diamond and snoop

Kenyans amused at video of Diamond Platnumz and Snoop Dog chatting

Diamond Platnumz is still in the USA weeks after attending the BET Award ceremony in Los Angeles.

Diamond has been meeting with a host of American musicians as he nears completion of his anticipated album. Among those he has hang out with include Swiss Beatz, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye’s manager, Busta Rymes among others.

The latest meet up is with Snoop Dog. Diamond shared pictures in studio with Snoop who appeared to be advising him. Diamond in a video can be seen shaking his head in agreement with Snoop.

And that is what is making Diamond trend online. Many Kenyans are amused and wondering if Diamond is indeed understanding the conversation, and the jokes about it are coming in fast and furious.
Naimagine kizungu diamond alikuwa anaongea hapo.. Ghai!

Snoop too can’t understand swahili if diamond was to speak it.

Snoop be like “Waddup dawg” n diamond’s like ghhjjbvvdnk
Understanding or not., he’s there ., with snoop ., English is not the measure of intelligence..

Sio lazima mtu azumze kizungu sanifu. Sio lazima. And it should not be the yardstick

Anangoja kutafusiriwa

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