Kenyan women married to celebrities and their hustles

Being married to celebrities would be an excuse for some women not to work but for these women working is a way of them being independent.

Below are some Kenyan women married to celebrities and their side hustles.

1. Marya Prude

She is wife to TV presenter Willis Raburu and despite the fact that she can just decide to stay at home and let Willis bring home the bread and butter, she has opted to work.

The laid back damsel runs a clothing line under the name Marya Prude Collections.



2. Wahu

Despite being a celebrated artiste Wahu knows that a side hustle is a good way to ensure the pockets never run dry.

The fact that she is married to Nameless who can easily provide for her, Wahu has opted to invest in her own business and this she does by providing beauty services at her salon, Afro Siri.

wahu nameless

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3. Anne Waichigo

Despite being married to a celebrity Anne Waichigo has remained behind the scenes being a mum and supportive wife.

She is married to celebrated gospel spinmaster DJ Soxxy and for her hustle she works as a marketing manager at Radbne Clark, which is a distribution company.

She also blogs about her struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome that affected her, on the blog,     .


4. Size 8

They say that he who finds a good wife finds favor in the eyes of the Lord and DJ Mo is a lucky man for getting a hardworking wife.

Despite Baba Ladasha being among the top paid spin masters in the Kenyan entertainment, Size 8 has also opted to work.

Apart from being a gospel artiste, her other hustle is being a TV presenter with a local TV station hosting the show Pambio Live.


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