Kenyan women explain why they take back men who disrespect them (Audio)

Women love to talk to Maina Kageni about their lives and issues that affect them. A woman called Maina Kageni and described to him how her baby daddy has been mistreating her, shocking many listeners.

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The woman is currently pregnant with her second child from the same man, inspite of him repeatedly disrespecting her by cheating on her and not paying for the upkeep for their other child. The heavily pregnant woman says that he had a difficult pregnancy and the man would not support her and would disappear from home several times.

After disappearing he returned and she got pregnant for the second time. She said she had suffered and he doesn’t help until he is verbally abused. She explained that she got pregnant for the second time after meeting up with him to iron out their differences, when she found out she was pregnant again.

Here is her story:

“I was married, I got pregnant with the first child, the guy just disappeared. The man was not supporting me until I delivered. He came back and I got pregnant again after four months, the doctors said it’s either I terminate the pregnancy or suffer the whole year.

For  him to support me I have to literally threaten him or abuse him. I don’t believe in termination that is why I kept the baby. I am supposed to be due in January but the doctors said I will deliver tomorrow yet have no idea where he is.”

Ladies, after a man does all that to you, why do you go back to him? Does this make sense girls? Is the fact that women want to give the men one more try make them give take them back?

Well, the man has once again disappeared from her life and left her to struggle with her pregnancy.  Listen to the audio below, as others describe what husbands, baby daddys put them through:

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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