Kenyan women confess the financial sins they commit with loans


The overwhelming majority of Kenyans who owe money and are defaulting on mobile loan apps are women.

The details published in the Daily Nation, have created shock waves.

Ladies how deep in debt are you and where is the money going to? Maina Kageni asked women, as he recounted reading an article published in the Daily Nation that suggested women are the biggest loan defaulters on mobile apps.

‘My husband took a 1.5 million loan to go on vacation’ Cries woman

Its not a ladies wish to take a loan but when jobs lack and prices of food stuffs go up and business is low and u ve mouths to feed what r women supposed to do……women try their best to live without loans #MainaAndKingangi

Have a loan of ATLAS MARA LOAN 40K now they have added the interest up to 51k up to now.
I have another of mshwari of 16k.
I have KCB LOAN of 7k.
I had loan for branch 18k but I paid.
Am trying to clear everything before yr ends

Kenyan women using home electronics for quick loans with shylocks


I got a loan of 10000 which i used to pay for my delivery bill since then am not able to pay because I developed bleeding complications till now it has been 7months down the line
I borrowed to buy household items. When I was about to pay,someone told me,” mliandikiana wapi?,if I were you, siezi lipa” little did i know there is something called CRB. I am blacklisted now. I wanna pay mdogo mdogo though.


borrowing is like betting. Your husband doesn’t provide, you are jobless and have a kid to breastfeed. What do you do? Just borrow ukipata Kapesa unalipa tena unaomba loan #MainaAndKingangi

Financial confession: My wife’s Sh1million loan is ruining our lives

Woman caller: I’m in that trap. I’m a single parent I have loans all over, I don’t know how to come out of that. I owe if added together maybe 100k loan, I don’t know how to come out of it it’s so tricky it’s like a devil trap. I hate these apps, you have to survive like that imagine, and I have a small baby so for you to maintain that when you in such a situation you need money, so there is no way you can say you won’t borrow again. How can you stop borrowing, they call you and frustrate you, oh my god, help me out Maina give me a loan, give me half of it I wont borrow again,

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