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Kenyan women are an easy target for Nigerian men

The topic of contention since this past weekend was the man that DP William Ruto’s first daughter is set to marry – a Nigerian man.

Maina tackled the topic on Monday and slammed Kenyan men for being haters who don’t want to treat Kenyan women lavishly only to blame foreigners who come and treat them like Queens.

“Kenyan men can hate about the engagement of June Ruto. Men are getting heart attacks, he is a lucky man, he is a doctor and a wealthy man. Men, what is your problem? why are men complaining? Maina asked

Mwalimu had a theory as to the hate saying “I think hawakupta opportunity”

Maina then told him that they should then do better “if you see the way these men treat women, hehe you know one day I will take you to Lagos you go and see, what don’t they do for their women? You guys don’t focus on your women, Kenyan women are going in droves to Nigerian men, then the middle class men of Tanzania and then Congolese men, I don’t think Kenyan men come close.”PDA

A man listening in to the show from Umoja called in and slammed Kenyan women for being deceived and used. He cited an example of a friend languishing in jail after being conned to transact in a bank with a fake cheque.

“There is this Kenyan woman a friend. She sued to date but what he did to her, she is rotting in jail. The guy used to use this lady unajua hiyo mapenzi alimuonyesha anamtumia. There were some shoddy deals the lady was not aware of, he told her to deposit a cheque then told her to coem home with the money. When she went to the bank, he was waiting for her, but he noticed some problem when she was at the counter and took off when it was found the check was fake. He bounced when he saw her he hepad, These Nigerians are all cons and they always admit our women are cheap and easy to use. They Nigerians are conmen, they know Kenyan women are easy targets. I see them, they live in my hood and always say that, aki maina, majority of them are con men”He ended his warning

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