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Kenyan woman threatens to expose a media personality for using her and dumping her

Today during the morning on Classic 105 with Maina and King’ang’i, the discussion was about people who don’t want to move on after the relationship has ended. Mike Mondo, who is sitting in for Maina shared with King’ang’i how a lady caused fracas when he told her that he can’t do long distance relationship.

Mike’s ex was living in Mombasa and he was in Nairobi and when he broke up with her, she caused fracas and till date he has a scar on his hand after the lady bit him. He asked the listeners to join in the conversation and share their experience.

One lady shocked everyone with her story after she revealed that a media personality used her and left her high and dry. She vowed that soon and very soon she will make sure she exposes the personality because he really hurt her.

King’ang’i, who always defends men, was shocked by the lady’s confession on radio.

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