Kenyan Woman Reveals Why She Would Rather Leave Her Investments Behind Than Stay In A Bad Marriage

There was an interesting discussion during Maina Kageni and King’ang’i’s morning conversation, where a woman revealed that she is leaving her husband because he does not respect or value her, insults her and does not treat her like his wife.

According to the mother of two, she stayed with him despite his being broke, and now years down the line, after the money trickled in from their joint matatu business , he now treats her like a nobody!

What Maina Kageni could not fathom is, why she would give up their business venture and walk out of the marriage penniless after she put all her sweat and blood to see the business succeed, just because he has now changed for the worse!

He could not also understand why men become so cold when they become rich or become financially stable after a while! Well, a lot was said and it looks like she is not the only one who’s going through this hard situation!

Listen to the audio below, to find out what other callers had to say;


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