Millicent Kithinji

Kenyan woman commits suicide, leaves note on Facebook – photos

A Kenyan woman by the name Millicent Kithinji has left many in shock after committing suicide days after writing what seemed like a suicide note.

Taking to social media she wrote a note dedicated to her daughter.

My love ….wads are hard to form a perfect clause to express the love I have for you.i have fought the battle but seems like am being defeated ..

I only pray that God may give you guidance, love and still loves you and will always love you.kindly do forgive me.

In a different post she had shared a photo with a caption that had a deeper message but many did not read into it.

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Her friends have taken to social media to mourn her but do you think that their remorse and regret comes too late?

Don’t get me wrong Millicent shared posts that hinted that she was going through a tough time and people just let it slide and now she is no more.

One of her friend going by the name Kasungwa Musyoks says she tried all she could but Millicent’s family shut her up just because she is not ‘family’.

Sisters in love..but in the wrong hands of heartless, inhuman,insensitive men..
As ur elder siz, I did my best but the only mistake I made was telling you to just hold on a little be strong, perhaps I could have let u go..
We talked a lot this week..lastly being Jana morning n u told me you were strong especially for Makena..

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Millicent Kithinji
The late Millicent Kithinji

Av always told you that I have fought even physically to be where I am today..n u promised the same..but why did you lose it???..why did you get defeated???
You know I intervened but I was shut off ARROGANTLY that I also am a stranger in the family and I should keep off..
They pushed u to this..they will NEVER EVER have peace..
You went too soon..too young dea

But I know u r in peace now..
Rest well..

The next time a friend hints that he is going through a rough patch please be the shoulder he/she needs. Hii maisha ni ngumu kwa kila mtu.

As for Millicent may her soul rest in perfect peace.

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