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Do you expect a Kenyan woman who drinks like an alcoholic to be submissive? Man tells Maina

The morning conversation today focused on submission. Maina Kageni used the example of new Tanzanian leader Samia Suluhu.

He asked, “Gentlemen, is your woman in a position of power? Has she achieved economic power? We want to know how she treats you despite her status. Tanzania President Samia Suluhu reveals that she still kneels and submits before her husband.”

The comments came hard and fast with most men saying that Kenyan women were a different breed who couldn’t follow the great example of how other East African women treat their men.

Read the comments below:

Do you expect mtu anakunywa Gin mzima pekee yake na halewi akuheshimu? I’m currently dating Ugandan lady na hata at times anakaa macho nisiumwe na mosquitoes

First of all, calm down and take a shot. Kenyans drink, it’s a Kenyan thing my friend. It’s like u haven’t heard. Also no woman in power is gonna submit to a man who calls her kubaf. Enda Uganda btw and take these mosquitoes with u.

It doesn’t matter whether a woman has power or money, she will still submit if the husband deserves that submission! Kenyan men ni guteee🤣😜

She just gets good treatment from her man,he deserves it,I salute him. How can’t I submit to such a man😜

No woman should change or start dramas because she is more superior in terms of money or power. Humbleness is key and thats what Samia suluhu is doing. Humbleness.

Humility should be directed to the men. Do u know how hard it is for most men to love a woman who is more powerful than him? It bruises their ego.

Respect is earned not bought. How I treat him when am powerful depends on how he was treating me when I had nothing.and yes,i can only kneel to God not man.we need to communicate well with each other and respect each other.

I guess, she is generally a good person. However kneeling down is not necessarily an expression of humility. It maybe for a duty… and anyway some of us, our socialization cant take the kneeling act genuine!

It’s not hard to meet that successful woman with a heart of gold,but the problem with us men is we start thinking of overtaking them sheepishly,and finally when they discover,we stammer the explanation and the relationship fades away…..

I guess only in TZ. Hawa wetu aki… Haiweskaaaaaani!!!!! Though there those who won’t kneel for you, but they will influence your growth too. But hao ni rare species….

Wonderful women in the world..We would like to have such kind of women but sometimes it’s totally impossible.I encourage Kenyan ladies to be of such kind.

Kenyan Women are all wannabes, they grow up looking up to Superstars and this women empowerment instead of empowering, has given them balls and bargaining rights over men. Which is not the ideal situation.

power and family are two separate things ni kaa mbingu na inchi, so a wife must accord his husband maximum respect regardless the position she holds in society, suluhu is a perfect role model wife

We demand as the men’s conference sub commmitteethat,that lady is called back immediately aongee tena na tena.Kayamba sosa kabisa!!!

That’s why she’s now holding a huge position.Being Submissive.

I wish I’ll also be lucky one day to have such a woman in my life.

Wangu ni MCA nami ni mpiga kura na ananiheshimu sana.

Despite being the head of state damn!

Men are humble when they are broke.

Why are you comparing day and night? Hawa wetu ata promotion huko job pembe zinamea sijui tulikosea wapi

Listening to you could make one think that we do not have happy families with their own dynamics in this country! Now you know there are, despite your opinion.

Wanawake wa kenya wana kiburi sana….the moment amepata pesa,kwisha

Sometyms u like comparing our Kenyans JEZEBELS with our neighbors who are like Maria Magdalene during Jesus Era.

The lady who’s just called is exactly like my dear wife. She does not hide anything from me. These are the real wives. There is a difference between a woman and a wife.

Sijaoa, but I guess this does not exist in Kenya.

Oooh that woman is just awesome.

Aki that must be my aunt I’ve never heard someone else like that.

Feminists will start yapping.

Kenyan women are just a different species compared to other women within East African countries. The lady you disconnected might be from outside Kenya, just domiciled here.

A woman doesn’t need to kneel, u can only kneel to God. Yes it’s good to be submissive

Now you understand y Niko 45 yes na sijaoa coz the remaining Ladies wants to screw us from bhind.

And men stop being happy that women can cater for u…u should b the providers u simps, no wonder its hard for these people to respect you.

Maina si ungekua tu mwanamke one time.

Wangu MCA na ananiheshimu tu.

Ile variant tuko nazo hii Kenya, acha tu.

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