Kenyan Single Mothers Reveal The Agony They Go Through Dealing With Unsupportive Dads (Audio)

There was a very interesting discussion today on Maina and King’ang’i in the morning, as the issue of men who abandon their children went on another level, with women revealing the hardships they go through as single mothers.

Maina asked the listeners a straight forward question about dead beat dads; “Should men who abandon their children when they are young deserve to part of their lives later on?”

Why would a man demand to be part of a child’s life much later when they are grown up yet he rejected him/her and disowned the mother when she was pregnant and has never cared how she makes ends met or if the kid is going to school or if they have basic needs?

This conversation sparked a lot of reactions from both men and women to the point where a married man revealed that he has more than 20 children outside wedlock and was not ashamed to admit that he does not bother about them.

Listen to the drama on the audio below.




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