Kenyan musicians that should reunite and release a song

Si kwa ubaya but Kenyan music back in the 90’s and early 2000 was killing it.

The beats, lyrics, the artist who sang and did collaborations together used to give it their all when they sang and performed on stage.

If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and ask those musicians to come back and show these Millennials how it is really done when it comes to making music.

Remember the dance styles, mosquito, chinesee, kangaru, sting, kuku dance, slide, helicopter that went viral with every song?

Well I know most of us also miss the music pairs that sang together.

Here is a list of some musicians that produced great hits and should maybe think of reuniting.

  1. Nonini featuring Sylvia. Manzi Wa Nairobi

2. Juacali featuring Sanaipei. Kwaheri

3. Prezzo featuring Nazizi. Let’s get down

4. Kleptomaniax. Twendelee

5. Lenny, Mr Googs and Vinnie Banton. Githurai

6. Amani featuring Nyashinski. Bad boy

7. Marya featuring Mustapha. Hey Baby

8.7. Nameless, Juacali, Nyash, Pam, Karma. Tatizo

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