Vera Sidika

‘Some Kenyan men stalk my every move,’ Cries Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has revealed that being famous comes with its fair share of challenges due to constant stalking from fans on social media.

Speaking during her appearance on The Trend, Vera said,

I went to the airport and a fan was very insensitive that we must be together.

At other points I have had fans touch my behind, some stalk me.

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When I go to a club they follow me when I exit they do the same and when you go to another club you find them sitting there.

Some send me very nasty photos.

On being asked who she would make a member of her girls club, Vera said,

Akothee and Zari would definitely be in my girls club.

Its difficult for me to chose as I am not very open to women. Most of my friends are men.

It is a lot easier to open to me.

On why she would never date a fan Vera said,

I would not date a fan as I would feel very uncomfortable.

If I do something wrong to them in a relationship they would just overlook and I do not want such a relationship.

I want to be in a relationship where if I wrong you you treat me as me and not Vera the brand.

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