Kenyan Men Reveal Shocking Details Of How They Have Commanding Wives/Mistresses

There was a recent survey that was conducted and released by the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume revealing that male politicians in Kenya are harassed and abused by their women. This is about 11 governors, 13 senators, 97 MPs and 346 MCAs, abused physically and emotionally. Read about it HERE.

This prompted Maina Kageni to bring up a discussion about women who are commanding, controlling and who want a say in every decision and even dictate rules their men should live by, which makes men prefer to be away from home.

Maina asked married men if they have such kind of wives or girlfriends and how they cope with such drama. He also decided to hear out what women had to say about the allegations and whether it’s true they do abuse their men.

Listen to the interesting conversation as men reveal the hardships they go through with commanding and domineering wives.


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