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‘Kenyan men do not understand their roles as dads,’ shouts Maina Kageni

Today’s morning debate on Classic 105 was based on whether it is true that 95% of married women are still single given that their husband are absent.

Such women have to cater for all the bills such as rent, school fees, outings and other miscellaneous bills themselves.

According to Maina Kageni most Kenyan men do not understand their scope as dads. Most think just by providing, that makes you a good father.

He posed,

How can you call yourself a father when you do not help kids do their homework, never talk to them or even guide them?

Here is what one caller had to say

Maina, my sister recently walked out of her 20-year-old marriage because despite being married all this long she was still single.

She was the one paying for all the bills because she has a very good job.

She is very happy now that she knows she is single hence relying on no one, she can plan for her money the best way she knows how to.

A father and his son playing out in the open
A father and his son playing out in the open

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Another caller adds,

There is nothing as depressing as a husband who wakes up early, comes back late and does not even interact with his family.

He would rather stay at home and be the houseboy.

Another adds,

Kenyan women watch too many soap operas, they are living in a fantasy and they expect us to act like those men in the movies.

How can you be home the whole day and have money. For now stick to your own lane. Mimi nitafute pesa and yeye astick na watoto.

Just when you think you have heard enough on this topic, another caller weighed in on the issue.

These women should learn to respect us and the fact that we provide.

Siring a kid is not easy so if they do not want kids they should stay away from us from the get go.


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