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‘Kenyan men are very clueless on what romance is’ Shouts women

The Morning conversation on Classic 105 was today based on why Kenyan women never pamper or gift their men yet all they do is make demands.

The debate came after men confessed that their wives can never even take them on a date, without expecting something in return.

Here is what the callers had to say with  a majority of women admitting that Kenyan men don’t deserve pampering .

“The problem with this ladies is that they demand for things, they do not request.”

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Another adds

“Men and romance is like water and paraffin. Maina a man enters the house you call him sweetheart he asks  what you are upto.

You wear a see through lingerie and he asks you ‘hauskii baridi?’

One day I wrote him a sweet love letter and put it in his pocket when he came back from work he had read it but he said nothing, he felt like hio yote ni upuzi.

When you try new styles in the bedroom he tells you’ acha kuona hizo movie za Jackie Chan’ they cannot get what they do not give and what they do not know about.

Kenyan men hawaelewi romance ni nini.”

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Another adds

“To say the truth, the bottom line is everything about a woman involves money, but having that topic is like hoping Adolf Hitler will rise from the dead.

Dealing with a Kenyan woman is a task, Maina just get married and you will understand how Vietnam is.

You will get bald headed yet you have not been married for a year.

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