Kenyan men are suffering because women are living a fantasy life – Mwalimu Kingangi

Are Kenyan women unrealistic or simply ambitious?

This was the topic of discussion on Friday during the Maina and Kingangi show.

Ambition is generally understood as a good thing, but is there a fine line between a healthy will to succeed and an inability to appreciate what you have in the present? And are Kenyan women in particular pained by the constant sense that they could be doing more?

A man called in saying

Kenyan women live in a fantasy world. Most of Kenyan women live in fantasy worlds that’s why they love soap opera, there is no way you can be home all day and then lack money, if they stick to their own lane, marriage would be perfect.

Mwalimu Kingangi agreed wholly with this theory saying

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Kenyan women are not realistic, ni tuko na ten thousand lets live with that money realistic ni we don’t have money you being real, yani tuko na pesa ya kuishi umpja tukae Umoja, tutakaribia Nairobi pesa ikiingia.

He posed this question to Maina Kageni.

Do you realise Kenyan men work so hard?

To which Maina responded: men are you working hard for the right things? Why is it hakuna pesa but you always have money for drinks for your boys?

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Ladies, you are being told you are not realistic in your approach to marriage and men. Is this true?

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