Man drinking

‘Kenyan men are just weak, wanapenda easy things’ Men admit

The debate on why men never open up to their wives is a never ending conversation with many men admitting that they can’t confide in their wives.

During  the morning conversation on Classic 105, a man admitted to being at a bar in the morning just because his wife is stressing him.

“We go through a lot of things as men. I am drinking right  now yet I am at work. I am earning but I will have to drink coz maisha imekua ngumu na hakuna mtu ananielewa.”

Man drinking

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Another adds

“When a man says he is drinking because of his wife why can’t he go to the gym. Kenyan men have refused to work hard.

People have not been equipped well to handle life and after the introduction of free Primary and Secondary school people now think every thing in life is free.

If you have to succeed you have to go through challenges , why can’t he take milk it’s cheaper and it will be easier on him. Kenyan men should style up and take responsibility.”


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Another caller says

Men love easy things with a majority of them even opting to cheat in the presence that the mpango wa kando listens to him better than the wife.

Why don’t you use the money you use to drink to buy her flowers or take her for a vacation and open your heart to her on what’s troubling you?

Being in a bar at 8.00 am is not a solution.”

Another female caller says

“What about some of us who play the role of father mother and brother, we are also going through a lot and the uchumi affects us also but we don’t go to bars to drink this early.”

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