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A Kenyan man without savings is like a Subaru without a turbo! Man tells Maina

The morning conversation today touched on the topic of saving. Maina Kageni asked why Kenyan men don’t know how to save, noting that their female counterparts know how to save.

Mwalimu said that the reason for that was that Kenyan men had a lot of responsibilities. “Kenyan men have a lot of responsibilities. Pesa ya mwanamke ni yake. How come Kenyan men don’t have a saving culture?”

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Maina savings are like foodstuffs and fruits in the house, always tempting, every time you are in the house your mouth feels like chewing something. Men are always tempted to withdraw savings to run emerging errands because their ladies are always ” BROKE”.

Good morning.. these men cant save because most of them have more than one girlfriends then they live to impress their friends. For us ladies we save every coin coz we know our men can turn around any moment and we are left with the responsibility of taking care of our kids

Who said men don’t save. These things are personal, not gender-oriented. Wanaume wako na pesa sana

Women save because they have sponsors..and machama.

Men are Made For Now Not Tomorrow Maina.

Kenyan men we are like Arsenal we have only saved ourselves from relegation.

You and a few of others, sisi majority hatuko pade iyo our brains are focused.

6kids without savings n no plan for life?? That’s bullshit.

Na wanatoa wapi iyo nguvu yote ya kuzaaa,,let him seek advice from eric amerix. Change or perish

Huyu wa 6 children unaona amelemewa mpaka pesa ya kale katembe.

Some of them dont save because there money feeds the whole family and for the wife ni yake.

Okeyyyyyyyy…..Nani alikwambia ujaze dunia peke yako?….6 aiiiiiiiiii na BBI imeangushwa!!

Caller: “A Kenyan man without savings is like a Subaru car without a turbo.”

So true and most have no savings! Their money is for drinks with their fake friends who will never advise them because they’re bird’s of the same feather.

And Kenyan woman without respect is BMW without an engine.

Hii Ni Hate Speech.

After the saving culture, what does a woman eventually do with it? We (men) never see it. Hata ile ya chama yenye umekuwa ukilipa every month.

Men waingie chama ya wamama to be taught how to save. Hiyo ndio plan poa. Try it.

Men don’t see the future…they live as there’s no tomorrow.

Ati they go with the slogan live each day at a time,, which is a negative mentality.

How will they save money while having like 10 slay queens???

Kenyan men have so many responsibilities both to his family and the family of his wives.

Most men believe in saving big, while we ladies save as little cash as we can.

We maina unajua mwanamke akiwa na pesa io ni yake bt we ukiwa nazo ni zenu, that is why they are able to save…..

It’s so sad that we as men no longer save…Men, where did we go wrong.,?

Ladies, Ni Rahisi Ku Save Maina, Wanatumia Za Wanaume , Wana Save Zao.

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