Kenyan man dies after eating poisonous oranges bought during traffic on Jogoo Road


Kenyans have reacted after a twitter user by the name Leon Mwidigu posted how a friend lost her dad after buying oranges by the roadside.

According to Leon, the oranges were poisoned and it is not clear how they came to be, but one thing is clear though a man has lost his life.

In one of his tweets he wrote


Kenyans have opened up on their experiences from buying fruits by the roadside with many saying that most of these fruits are usually loaded with wax.

Apples are the most affected. Claims allege that they are coated with wax for several reasons, like preservation, reduce loss of water, increase visual freshness and of course, replace the natural wax, because cleaning and processing of apples results in the loss of natural wax coat.

This practice is very common, especially in supermarkets. Thin layer of wax is coated on apples, either by dipping, brushing or spraying with edible waxes like Carnauba or Shellac that are completely safe to consume and are not harmful.

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This edible wax is not digested, but is passed out through the digestive system. On the other hand, some unscrupulous producers use the harmful petroleum-based waxes for coating of apples. If an apple looks very glossy and shiny, it is to be suspected.

Below are comments by Kenyans and they are furious

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