Kenyan Man Confesses How He Found Out That Two Of His Children ARE NOT HIS. The Way He Handled It Will SHOCK You (AUDIO)

This week, Maina Kageni ‘s breakfast show has featured some pretty heated conversations about women and how they change after marriage.

The discussion started when the top radio personality asked men why some of them stay with a woman for years, only to pack up and leave one day without marrying her.

This elicited sharp reactions from Kenyan men who defended themselves, revealing that they put up with alot from their wives but choose to keep quiet about it to avoid ridicule.

During a conversation about how some women become liars and ‘devils’ after getting married, a man revealed how he found out that his wife had HIV, which she contracted when he was working away from home.

This confession encouraged others to reveal many family secrets and some challenges they face with their wives.


A certain caller, who didn’t identify himself, called in to reveal how he discovered that out of his four children, two were not his. The two are twins.

The married man opened up to Maina Kageni, saying that he found out about three months ago after doing a DNA test, that he was not their biological father.

“I’m raising two that are not mine. I have done a DNA test Maina. I have four kids, two are twins are the other two are still twins,” the man started by explaining.

The surprising part is that he hasn’t told the wife or discussed this with her and has decided to pretend and stay in the marriage until the kids are all grown then he will walk away.

Listen to the startling confession below.



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