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Kenyan man, 31, confesses addiction to the blue pill to impress girlfriend

Court of Appeal Judge Prof Otieno Odek collapsed and died in his Milimani home in Kisumu.

Police say they found blue pills on his bedside. While it’s not confirmed his death was as a result of the medication, investigations into the cause of death have been launched.

This formed the basis of the Tuesday conversation where Mwalimu said men are under pressure by their women to perform.

A young man called in saying he desperately wants to wean off the blue pill but knows his lady may dump him for failing to match up.

‘I’m stuck and can’t let go’

The man first tried the pill in response to the demands of his girl. He wanted to impress her with his skills, but unfortunately couldn’t match up without a little help from medicine.

at the age of 31 I was diagnosed with hypertension.My doctors have been pleading with me to stop using, but I can’t let go because they say it might be one of my causes for the disease cause of blue pills

The fear of disappointing her led him to a chemist.

From then on, the man said things progressed until he became addicted to the pills – taking them every time he was with his woman – which given his desire to show off his skills was quite frequently.

I am on hyertension drugs na bado nameza the blue pills coz I set a standard, coz it gets to a point I can’t let go. I set a standard to my women I can’t let go. I met another doctor who advised I let go for a month, then I use again, it’s very bad, how do I stop using the blue pill and the standard is set?


Many doctors warn that while Viagra is a very safe drug that can help many men and save marriages, taking any medication when it hasn’t been prescribed by a doctor and isn’t necessary comes with risks and side effects.

Dear Classic 105 fam, have you resorted to using the pill and what has been your experience?

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