Kenyan DJ distances himself from Purity Wangechi murder (Screenshot)

VDJ Flex Mfalme has distanced himself from the gruesome murder of Purity Wangechi adding that he just has an almost similar name to the suspect.

This was after he received calls and messages from people inquiring about what happened.

Funny, how names can put one in a weird position. Leo kila mtu amekua anajua tu ni mimi nlifanya that murder but sio mimi ni Vdj Flex mwingine I am VDJ FLEX MFALME there is that #MFALME ndo inanieka tofauti na huyo single Vdj Flex. 

But sio mimi Nlifanya hayo mauaji Am FLEX MFALME so Stop calling me a killer please.”

The confusion came about because the mastermind in Purity Wangechi’s murder suspect John Wangui goes by the alias VDJ Flex.

VDJ Flex Mfalme distances himself from Purity Wangechi murder

Purity Wangechi’s body which bore visible stab wounds and strangulation marks was found by passersby, with her blood-strained clothes, ID, and student ID at the scene.

The mastermind John Wanyoike Kibungi, 24, was smoked out of his hideout at Kirigiti by DCI cops. Kibungi goes by the alias VDJ Flex.

The two allegedly assisted him in killing the 19-year-old college student and disposing of her body. 

The KIMC student had fallen in love with the killer and they had been in a relationship for some time before she discovered that he was a thug. 

“She confronted him about it leading to a misunderstanding between the two. She didn’t know that her lover was determined to cover his tracks by eliminating her,” the DCI said.

The trio was arrested as they were preparing to escape to their hideout.

“During the early morning raid, the officers also recovered a vegetable knife that was carefully concealed in his waistband and which was used in stabbing the innocent teenage student, whose only mistake was falling in love with a thug,” the DCI added.

The body is currently at City Mortuary, waiting to undergo a post-mortem.

The trio will be appearing before Kiambu court regarding the alleged murder.

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