Kenyan Celebrities Whose Fashion Sense You Should Emulate

Fashion is an ever evolving industry, unlike in the past where people were more conservative people are opening up to new changes in the fashion arena

In Kenya, we have seen great improvement especially by people who are considered as public figures or celebrities

Looking at them now one would be forgiven for thinking that they have always been this sharp in their fashion sense, however this is far from the truth as proven by the photos below;


1. Nameless

The talented musician has been in the music industry for more than a decade and with that time his music has greatly changed so has his fashion sense.

Nameless, who was fond of rocking a durag dropped it and decided to give people a glimpse of his dreadlocks and we are loving it.pcXcsqwy

2. Size 8

The Mateke singer has seen a great improvement in her fashion sense, from back then when she was a secular musician rocking skin showing attire to now where she simply rocks beautiful dresses properly for her new role as a wife and mother.https://www.photojoiner.net/image/yOvT7uek

3. Amani

Recently turned gospel musician is turning a new leaf not only in her singing but also in her fashion. Amani who is an eye candy has recently changed her wardrobe to a more conservative but decent look which is fitting well with her.

Amani is a true definition of beauty and brains and is a great role model to the girl child.


4. Tv show host  Kalyeke Mumo

There is nothing as sexy as a confident woman and Kalyeke Mumo seems to be rocking all the confidence after her major weight loss journey. Kalyeke who has worked really hard, has not shied away from revealing  her new body in figure hugging dresses away from the baggy clothes she was used to.


5. Akothee

The self proclaimed Boss lady has seen a major transformation in her fashion department. From the laid back girl from the village, Akothee has turned out to be a fine woman who leaves men drooling.

The mother of five, who is not shy to rock skin revealing attire boasts of a well toned body and that melanin pops, a true definition of African beauty.

Although her fashion statements leave people talking, on claims of being inappropriate as she is a mother, the mother of five never seems to give a hoot.


6. Nazizi

The sexy and talented rapper has seen a major transformation in the recent past, from the baggy t-shirts and baggy trousers Nazizi has now embraced beautiful dresses that embrace her curves.

Nazizi took a bold step to shed off the excess weight and she is ageing like fine wine.


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