Kenyan celebrities celebrate their mothers in touching messages

None can truly say they understand the struggles mothers endure to raise children. And the appreciation of the struggle that it took to raise them is usually heartwarming -so it is rather nice to see Kenyan celebrities take the time to celebrate their mothers.

I was scrolling through the Instagrams when I came across some rather nice messages posted by some of Kenya’s most illustrious personalities and I decided to share their messages to amplify their effect. Check out how most Kenyan celebrities celebrated their mothers below:

Happy mothers day min Janeko, but mum seriously I am a mother too right now can I just be me and do me without you interfearing with my dress code? Don't mind about people trolling me on social media those social groups are my clubs my life is #theirentertainment & that's what keeps them going 😂😂😂 they still troll me when I go to church as well . But mum, during your days dint you have single mothers ? All this children you had from dad like my 8 siblings show me what my dad gave you for each one of us , because right now single mothers are accused of getting their wealth from men just because they had children in relationships that dint work out , mum you have to show me where you are hiding the wealth you collected from my father for having 8 children for him . Ama ulicheswa? 😂😂😂😂 happy mothers day Hon. YUNITA KOKEYO, happy mothers day ELSA NGARE. may God keep you bless you I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH

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