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Kenyan women leave incognito like evil spirits! Men tell Maina

Maina Kageni’s topic today was about women who run away from their men and are never seen again. He wondered how they are able to do it and what goes through their minds when they do it.

He gave the sad story below, “I had 600k in my savings account, then I asked my wife how we could save the money together. I told her hii pesa tusave kwa account yako because I had just relocated to Kenya. Right now as we speak, I don’t have a wife, alitoroka na kila kitu.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i added by saying, “Ladies, how do you manage to disappear without a trace? A man you can find him easily but mwanamke utamtafuta na hautampata.”

The comments from Kenyans were a hoot with people giving their own anecdotes and comments on life. Check out the comments below;

I have a feeling this guy got married without doing some background check on the lady, like knowing her home and parents.

Good morning Maina, please tell these men that the only woman they should trust is their mothers. These other women are not related to them in any way, they are just strangers they tamed just for companionship.

Maina let me tell you, each and everyday this women sleep and wake up with a new plan. Na hizi kamati na bad peer groups advising them. They leave incognito like evil spirits. The world we live in.

Maina Akiyaao Me I can’t try That Game ,Ya Ku Save Pesa Zangu Kwa Account Ya Bibi, I don’t trust Any human being.

First the money was already safe in your own account until you started disbelieving yourself.

To me I don’t think there will come a time I Trust a Woman ..hv witnessed a lot.

This gender though!

That’s madness.

If I left my father’s house to be with you, what makes you think siwezi toka kwako? and why are they looking for us? because tukiwa hapo they don’t bother.

Poisonous relationships can alter our perception. u can spend many years thinking u’re worthless bt you’re not worthless……you’re underappreciated.

When you left your father’s place did you leave with his money or anything of value? Think before speaking id**t.

Mimi nilikuwa na mwanaume mwingine alikuwa ananitesa. Nikawambia kuna siku nitaenda na hutawai nipata. Nikitoroka mtoto alikuwa class 5 na saa hii ako form 4. Na niko hii Nairobi.

How do you tell the kid about his father whenever that question arises, “alikanyagwa na gari ya Moshi”

Maina How Can You Trust A Stranger With Your All Resources, Hawa Viumbe Hawaaminiki.

A woman don’t just wake up and run away. They plan do research and come up with the perfect place to move to, then when all is ready anaenda na kuchange kila kitu unamtafuta hautawai mpata.

Women are the most strategic people. Before they move out, they’ve even planned for their next man! Then You ask why you can’t see them¿

Maina the only place where someone can hide in Nairobi and not be found is slums. They hibernate there for some time before moving in to an estate.

Anahepa kwani kwao haijulikani , hii story ya kukutana Nairobi, you don’t visit her paroz home…is a recipe for disaster in waiting.

Exactly that where they go hiding like a month ,after she stabilize anatafta mahali pengine anaweza jificha.

Maina We Don’t know What A Secret Between The woman and Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

They are Invincible creatures, We Don’t Do What they Discussed with Serpent in the Gardens Of Eden

These men are the reason why we leave. Mtu analewa anafanya vituko surely? How can you stay with a man like that?

As men we cannot suspend our future plans and investments coz of a runway woman, if you gonna go, you must go, we always live with substitutes on the line waiting to enter inside, akiyao.

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