KENYA DECIDES: Side chic makes Maina Kageni laugh after revealing how she cheated her married lover during the elections

So this entire week Kenyans have been staying home, awaiting the IEBC to announce the official presidential results before they go back to work.

So this means after casting their vote on Tuesday, everyone is lounging at home.

This prompted Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni to ask listeners how they are coping having to put up with their spouses 24/7.

Several caller amused Maina and his co-host Mwalimu revealing that they are bored of their spouses. apparently people are fighting over what they should watch, while some wives are complaining that their men aren’t helping around the home even as their domestic workers also keep away.

A side chic also called in saying how she feels relieved her married lover isn’t demanding for her company at this time.

There are three problems facing wives and husband as more listeners confessed the challenges of being forced to put up with each other until they go back to work.

There are wars over the remote control, how much more food is being eaten, and husbands not helping with chores.





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