Chipukeezy posing in his new hairstyle

You look like Ken Wa Maria – Chipukeezy told after putting cornrows

Chipukeezy is a comedian who is known for his penchant for trying out new hairstyles and fashions. The man isn’t afraid to colour his hair and still do his comedic routine confidently.

His recent hairstyle hasn’t been received as well as the ones that he has had before in the past like his rendition of Chris Brown’s turn as a blonde.

Chipukeezy's image comparng himself to Chris Brown
Chipukeezy’s image comparing himself to Chris Brown

The comedian decided to unleash a new look that many of his fans didn’t quite appreciate. The cornrows this time were inspired by Kendrick Lamar, a fact that he was willing to explain. “Mmekataa chris brown lakini hii nayo nimewapata sasa不不不不不不不不不 @kendricklamar,” he wrote.

Chipukeezy comparing himself to Kendrick Lamar
Chipukeezy comparing himself to Kendrick Lamar

His fans and followers came out quickly to call out the singer for what they considered his “girly” hairdos with hisfriend Kartelo among the many trolling Chipukeezys new hair-do!

You are my joy, my treasure Chipukeezy tells Kibanja on her birthday

Some of those comments are below:

kartelo_officiaNi kama soda na juice cola.

becky_vixen_254 屢屢屢閘ii yako hata imeongezewa Uzi juu nywele haimei kasee @chipukeezy 屢

janekyallo Lay your edges 丹儭

kenyan_scooper Ken wa maria

_jimmy__clout_ Imekataaaa

loice_akoth Kichwa kubwa

kevin.kavete The one on the left anakaa kuweka sukari kwa chai.. huyo Mwingine huwa Anatafuna Miwa akikunywa maziwa na maji moto. Zote separate

isaac_biwot Inakaa latest brand ya yokohama

mike20pro Tumekata tena

Chipukeezy posing in his new hairstyle
Chipukeezy posing in his new hairstyle

The man might be getting a new hairstyle the way some women normally do when they break up. There are rumours that the comedian had broken upwith his girlfriend Kibanja following a few relationship issues.

The comedian with Kibanja
Chipukeezy with Kibanja in the past

So could this be his way of moving on? However we cannot confirm how true the rumors are but chances are that there is more to the story!

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